True & Brave Coffee was born from the love of coffee. Pure and simple, we love drinking good coffee and fell in love with making good coffee. This is evident in every cup.

True & Brave is wonderful coffee and espresso made by obsessive, particular, yet personable people. Everything is world class but the prices aren’t snooty, nor is the vibe.
— Sara N., Yelp Reviewer

What We Stand For

  • Delicious coffee accessible to all.
  • Hospitable staff and environment.
  • Fresh, seasonal crops that always change.
  • Fair trade to all. For some, fair trade applies only to the supply chain, leaving you, the consumer out.
  • Learning something new. Sounds simple, but we strive to improve everyday.
  • Educating those who want to learn with us.
  • Listening to as much new wave as possible.
  • Sustainability, we source only the coffees that have the utmost care taken in growing and processing.